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Handstand Workshop

  • Gym Lab 21B Fuchseckstraße Stuttgart, BW, 70188 Germany (map)

This workshop covers all the basics and foundations of the art of Handbalacing.

This workshop can be attended by anyone regardless of Handstand level, beginner, intermediate or even someone who has never really done handstands, but wants to get into it.

We cover

  • Handstand alignment

  • Hand and shoulder placement

  • Strength, balance and endurance

  • How to get up in a Handstand (safely) — Entrance practice

  • Handstand progressions and practice tips

  • and much more

This will be a Workshop with a lot of practical work. We will be doing lots of floor, handstand and wall work. We will have short theoretical parts, this is important so you guys have a break every now and then, but also so that you understand the fundamentals about Handstands.

You need to bring:

  1. Wear comfortable clothes

  2. Water or something else to drink

  3. Maybe a little snack

  4. Something to write (paper, laptop…) in case you want to take notes

  5. Motivation

A handout and practice examples (“workout” plan) with all essentials that we cover in this workshop will be send to you by E-Mail after the workshop is completed.

  • Costs: 39€ (Has to be paid prior to event)

  • Spots: are limited to 10 person

We are looking forward to meeting and working with you at the workshop.

Leslie and Jan,

Headcoaches Functionalboyunit

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