Handmade Parallettes

Handmade Parallettes

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Product Details:

  • handmade in Germany

  • two different heights

  • easy to carry in a backpack, without taking up much space

  • can easily be taken apart

This product has two different heights to choose from - unlike most other parallettes which are glued together and have only one height.

They are designed for handstands, calisthenics skills (Planche, L-sit, V-sit…) and strength training exercises like push ups, handstand push ups and much more. The two different heights give you options to regress and progress your training when using the Parallettes.

Material: Wood

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Training clip with the P-bars

It was super important to us to create a sustainable product that at the same time is handy and of good value for users. So instead of opting for size super small we invented Parallettes that still have good sizing while offering the convenience to switch between two heights in a blink of an eye and the comfort ob being able to stow them into a backpack/bag quite easily!

The Set comes with:

  • two side plates

  • two thin poles

  • one bigger dowel

Check out how easily you can dis- and reassemble them.

This product can be bought in a package with our Handstand One Program

* This product is made out of natural materials (wood) and can distort when exposed to heat, humidity and cold for a longer period of time. Beware to not keep it outside (only for training purpose). We cannot guarantee proper use once these recommendations have been ignored.