Bundle HS Program + Parallettes

Bundle HS Program + Parallettes

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SAVE yourself money, time and effort and get our Ultimate Bundle!


  • Pair of Parallettes

  • Handstand One Program

  • Handstand E-Book

Parallette Material: Wood

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Details Handstand Program:

  • Made for beginners as well as intermediate Handstand enthusiasts

  • Has just recently been updated (May 2019) and has new features to make your handstand journey even more joyful, effective and successful.

  • Contains more than 45 video tutorials (with verbal cueing)

  • Progressive Handstand workout plans

  • Comes with an E-Book (covering Handstand technique, mobility, strength, hand position and more)

Details Parallettes:

  • made in Germany

  • two different heights

  • easy to carry in a backpack, without taking up much space

  • can easily be taken apart

This product has two different heights to choose from - unlike most other parallettes which are glued together and have only one height.

They are designed for handstands, calisthenics skills (Planche, L-sit, V-sit…) and strength training exercises like push ups, handstand push ups and much more. The two different heights give you options to regress and progress your training when using the Parallettes.