Personal Training with Leslie

Personal Training with Leslie


Personal Training is one on one coaching that will always include

  • full assessment (FRA)

  • customised workout plans

can include

  • customised mobility training

  • handstand training

  • sport specific strength training

  • foundational calisthenics/bodyweight strength training

  • functional training

  • whole food plant based nutrition guide/coaching

As I come from a competitive track runner background I have good knowledge based on athletic strength training, and strength training for athletes who need speed and fast power.

Combining strength training and mobility training is something I highly recommend and it is possible to combine both in personal training sessions.

If you are looking for a different approach to training, nutrition and programming my training and coaching is where you will find it.

To all my girls out there: We can be strong and beautiful! There is no need to hide behind a certain image! We can embrace our passion and find comfort and self-confidence in being strong and athletic.

I would love to work with you.

Your coach Leslie

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