Personal Training 1 on 1 with Jan

Personal Training 1 on 1 with Jan


Personal Training

1 on 1 Coaching always includes:

  • Body Assessment

Can include:

  • Mobility Session

  • Powerlifting Session/Programming

  • Whole Body Assessment

  • Handstand/Back Lever Training Beginner to Advanced

  • Personalised Mobility Programming

  • Functional Training

  • Whole Food Plant Based Nutrition Guide

As i come from a Bodybuilding/Powerlifting Competition background, i do also have a lot of knowledge in this field, but i have specialised myself more in Mobility Training, Bodyweight Training/Calisthenics and Functional Training.

You are searching for a combination of Strength Training and Mobility Training?

You want to challenge yourself with a totally different style of training and programming?

I would love to work with you.

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