Online Kinstretch with Functionalbodyunit

Online Kinstretch with Functionalbodyunit

19.99 every month

Online Kinstretch* is a program designed for you to improve your mobility, joint health and longevity. It also helps you improve your athletic performance in your sports and daily life activities while mitigating injury.

We provide you with:

  • 3 Kinstretch classes per week divided into (1 Upper Body, 1 Lower Body and 1 Spine + Hip class)

  • 40-60 Minutes per class

  • Facebook group to become part of our Kinstretch® community

  • Contact with us

  • In depth knowledge on mobility training

  • monthly special

    *Please note that this is no therapy nor is it personal training. These classes are designed to address the problem areas most people “suffer” from in their every day life or during their sport/activity. If you feel like you need more work in a certain area please feel free to book a month of online coaching and we can work on your weakness(es) together.

This is a monthly subscription program, with 19,99€ per month.


Kinstretch® practice prepares your body to do whatever you want to do. Kinstretch® is not taking place for the things that you love (your sport/activity) Kinstretch® is supplementing the activities that you do and love.

We will invite you to the folder after receiving the purchase/subscription confirmation, this process may take up to 24 hours. We work with google drive, which you can use on your laptop/computer, tablet and phone (Google Drive App).

Subscribe to our classes and become part of a community with similar goals.