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Getting people to move better. Getting people to a higher level of performance in athletics. As well as getting people out of pain. Despite the best efforts with treatment and training injury rates continue to rise. We see athletes getting injured or hurt more than ever, we see more days lost at work due to back pain, headache or neck pain. We see peoples quality of life diminishing. AND we see people developing pre-mature degenerative arthritis far before their joints are supposed to wear down.

Most peoples bodies aren’t ready for the activity that they want to do. People want to take up running or want to take a Jiu Jitsu class or yoga or hockey and while all these things are great, ALL of these sports have movement PREREQUISITES. If your body can’t move the way that it needs to move in order to do the activity the RESULT is INJURY in almost 100% of the time.

There are no bad or good movements only prepared or unprepared bodies.

Kinstretch® practice prepares your body to do whatever you want to do. Kinstretch® is not taking place for the things that you love (your sport/activity) Kinstretch® is supplementing the activities that you do and love.

— Dr. Andreo Spina, creator of FRS

Online Kinstretch with Functionalbodyunit
19.99 every month

Online Kinstretch* is a program designed for you if you want to improve your mobility, joint health and longevity, want pain free training, play your sports or do your daily activities freely and with a low risk of injury.

We provide you with:

  • 3 Kinstretch classes per week

  • each class is about 40-60 Minutes

  • a Facebook group to become part of our Kinstretch® community

  • Contact with us

  • knowledge on mobility training

  • monthly specials on specific skills (Middle split, Squat…)

    *Please note that this is no therapy nor is it personal training. These classes are designed to address the problem areas most people “suffer” from in their every day life or during their sport/activity. If you feel like you need more work in a certain area please feel free to book a month of online coaching and we can work on your weakness(es) together.


We start off by normalising joint function. Which means if your joints aren’t functioning the way they are supposed to we bring them back to a baseline level of performance. Then we add on that by increasing movement capacity, body control and increasing the available ranges of motion, which you can use to perform your activity. Kinstretch provides you with the prerequisites that you need to play your sports or do your activity effectively, efficiently and most importantly without the fear of getting injured. Kinstretch should be what you do first to prepare yourself for whatever it is that you want to do. Kinstretch is not your new sports. If you are a cross fitter continue doing Crossfit, you want to get into martial arts, go ahead and do so. Kinstretch isn’t taking place for the things that you love. Kinstretch is supplementing the activities that you love. It is a regular workout for your joints mobility and body control. A system that’s looking to develop maximum body control, mobility, flexibility and usable ranges of motion.

A few impressions of our personal Mobility progressions - we started our own journey in April 2018 and these are the results after about 6 months of mobility training.

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