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Online Mobility

3 mobility classes per week for more flexibility, mobility, joint health and performance enhancement.

Handstand Program

Master your balance upside down with this easy to follow guide.

Online coaching

Get a personalised Program for your specific mobility, skill or strength goals. 


I've been doing your program for the last 6 weeks now and I can't believe the difference that it makes. I've always had tight hips and tight ankles. And I have been working the past year on it already, but CARs and your exercises (classes) made a HUGE difference. I didn't complain about hip impingement for weeks now. Thanks so much for your videos! They are the best. Easy to follow, just enough description of what to do, you hanging in there with me coming across as humans (which is the best part of all). Thanks.


14.1 was a good one! Hips thank you both for that. Though I didn't at the time.

Robert C.

Online Kinstretch Upper Body classes are fantastic! My shoulders feel amazing. And thanks to you I did my first full shoulder dislocate circle! Thank you.

Richard K.

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