Q: How do i start with calisthenics?

A: start with the basics and master them, before progressing further. A basic strength foundation is required to work on the more advanced skills. OUR Foundation Strength Program will cover all basic strength exercises you need to progress in calisthenics

Q: how can i incorporate mobility training into my life?

A: Functional mobility training is complex and not something you just do once a week. The best thing you can do is to a hire Mobility Specialist either online or face to face. A FRC specialist works with you on your weak links and can make you understand the whole concept of mobility better. 

We offer Mobility Training in our Online Coaching section 

Q: Are your online programs suitable for beginners?

A:  In general they are.  We recommend buying the Foundation Strength Program if you are a beginner. 

Q: what equipment do i need?

A: Access to a gym should be given. For skills (Backlever) a pull up bar or rings is enough to work out. 

For our mobility program special equipment is required. 



A: We recommend working on the skills 3 x week and around 20-30 minutes depending on the skill and the level of fitness. Handstands make an exception and can be practiced daily if desired. 



A:  No. Not in our programs. We do cover the basics of a plant based diet in our online coaching, if required. 


Q: Can I implement mobility training into my current training?

A: Personalized  programs can become a stand-alone training, or it can be easily integrated into your current training regimen. We recommend no heavy leg exercises (Squats, Deadlifts, etc.) for the first 4 weeks of our program, as this would slow down your progress. 


Q: How is this type of training different? 

A: Our goal is to address your specific movement and mobility needs. Mobility is in many ways the most important quality to train as it creates the prerequisites necessary for all other forms of training (weight lifting, endurance work, power development, etc). We focus on improving the health, and function of your joints.


Q: Can i train if  I am not flexible? 

A: Absolutely! The FRC system can be implemented by anyone no matter your current physical state. The longterm effect of our system will be more flexibility, but active and useful flexibility. Therefore MOBILITY.