We all want to move pain free, unrestricted and with control. Together we will work on improving your joint health, strength and longevity for a better athletic performance and pain free movement. Mobility training is SUPPLEMENTING the sports/activities that you do and is NOT taking place for them.

Strength Training

Stronger, faster, fitter, healthier - we are experts for bodyweight strength and weighted strength training (barbell, dumbbell, etc). Your goal is our power unit.

Online Coaching

All our programming (nutrition, strength, mobility) is customised for you, your goals and your time. We can do all in one or work more specifically on a main goal of yours!

Personal Training

You want to change your training and life now and look for a coach you can rely on to motivate you and get the best out of your performance, health and physique? Then send us your application form today and start your new training and life as soon as tomorrow.

Strength and Mobility

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Strength, Mobility and Control over your own body is what we thrive for! Strength training to improve performance and physical fitness. Mobility to improve joint health and improve load bearing capacity, performance and range of motion in your sport.

When you train* for strength, function and health you will fall in love with the process. You fall in love with self growth and automatically feel stronger, healthier and happier. You become proud of what your body is capable of. With us you don’t hope for change YOU WORK for it. We incorporate 3 main principles into our system:

  1. The Law of Specificity

  2. Progressive Overload

  3. Whole Food Nutrition (only if advice/guidance is wanted/needed)

*each coaching is designed for YOUR SPECIFIC GOALS. Your goals are our goals.

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