Why Controlled Articular Rotations (CARs) Are So Important

Why are CARs so important?


Active, rotational movements at the current accessible Range of Motion (ROM)

What are they Good for?

  1. Maintenance of ROM

    CARs will make sure you maintain your ROM.

    If you don’t move your joints/articulations more often in your whole ROM your Central Nervous System (CNS) will most likely adapt to that and will restrict some of your active ROM over time.


    By applying this principle the other way around, and train your full ROM, your CNS will also adapt to that.

    Limitations for this principle are:

    • AGE

    • History of Injuries

    • How often and how did you move in the past

    • Time comparison between movement and unnatural positions throughout the daily life (walking/squatting vs. sitting in a chair)

  2. Articular Health & Longevity

    Health not only depends on Nutrition but it also depends on Movement!


    Cartilage has no blood supply it receives Oxygen & Nutrition from the surrounding joint fluid by diffusion. During movement pressure expresses fluid & waste products out of the cartilage cells. When it is relieved, fluid diffuses back along with Oxygen & Nutrients.

  3. Prehab and Rehab

    Prehab reasons have already been shown to be important for our articulations. Using CARs not only for prehab but also for rehab is highly underestimated.

    • Restore articular kinesthetic awareness

    • CNS training and movement pattern relearning

    • Increases passive articular strength and stability


    • A muscle working hard recruits the neighbouring muscles. If the neighbouring muscles are already part of the movement, it amplifies their strength. The neural impulses emitted by the contracting muscle reach other muscles and “turn them on” just as an electric current starts a motor.

  4. Engaging all articular mechanoreceptors on a regular basis.

    • Afferent Training -> more input for your CNS, faster Adaptation!

    • This also prevents maturation of fibrotic tissue

    • Delaying/Preventing the onset of Ostheoarthrosis

    Why do you brush your teeth around two times a day? You are right, because its good for your teeth.

    Why not move your joints more often/on a regular basis in their whole ROM?


CARs for REHABILITATION. Up to 10% of your Max Effort

CARs can be used as a MORNING ROUTINE. 10 - 30% of your Max Effort

CARs can be used for a WARM UP before a Training Session. 30 - 50% of your Max Effort

CARs can be used in a TRAINING SESSION. 70% - 100% of your Max Effort

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