Strong Body. Strong Mind. Strong Life.

Why should I even “workout”?


Why is it that some people have an easy time doing a workout and being active, while others can’t even motivate themselves to do just get off the couch?!

Maybe it’s got to do with how you grew up and how active you were when you were a kid. Maybe it’s your surroundings. Maybe it’s your mind. Maybe your mind just craves chilling more than doing…

Every single day we get the chance to decide what kind of life we want to live. Be it our activities, job, friends, relationship etc. We decide even though we sometimes feel like decisions are made for us. As long as we don’t change something - anything… we agree and decide in favour for whatever is currently happening in our lives (except for a death or accident or suppression of course).

However when it comes to being active it is most likely our decision do something or nothing (again unless you are handy capped — but even then you might still have the choice to do something). Our evolutionary history “designed” us to be active and moving beings. We as the species Homo sapiens evolved as endurance “athletes” who also happen to climb, crawl and carry moderate to heavier weight on a regular basis.

Question: How many of you crawl, climb and carry moderate to heavier things on a regular basis? How many of you go for a run regularly (at least 3+ a week)?

Unless someone you are absolutely into climbing and lifting and running, not many people are out there doing the things we actually evolved to be doing. Also we as humans are naturally lazy, so we avoid doing unnecessary things and activities that cost us extra energy, because energy used to be scarce and something really valuable. Nowadays — especially in the western world — we don’t need to go on a hunt or walk through the fields and woods in order to find energy, NO NOW energy finds us. There are drive ins, take aways, even home delivery services all filled with heaps of energy. So obviously the reason to go and do something in order to stay hydrated or get energy is gone and with that the need to move.

Even the ones who are really active (go on runs, hike, climb, lift weights, do acrobatics or martial arts) even those who claim that they are naturally active, are lazy sometimes, trying to find the easiest and most comfortable way to get things done.

First of all, there is nothing wrong with doing “nothing” active in particular all the time, BUT we all should be doing some sort of activity on a regular basis. Because that’s what our body is designed to do. MOVE. My personal experience (with myself and clients) shows that being active and becoming strong carries over to our daily life. We become confident, we start to believe in ourselves. Our life and our mind both profit from an active lifestyle. And the quality of our life rises with a strong body and a strong mind in which we feel good and healthy.

So when someone asks me “Why on earth do you workout so much?” or “What is in it for you to be living such an active lifestyle?”

  1. I really ENJOY it!

  2. I feel strong. And feeling strong makes me feel good and CONFIDENT.

  3. There is no better feeling than a body that is FUNCTIONAL, STRONG, RESILIENT and FREE.

  4. My quality of LIFE is higher!

  5. My HEALTH profits tremendously.

  6. Sports and activities come NATURAL to me.

  7. I don’t like watching TV.

  8. NATURE is my best friend — I love being OUTSIDE!

So for all of you who have a hard time being active and doing something or who don’t see a point in working out/being active to some extend — it’s actually NATURAL for us to move. The reason has changed, but not our biology. So even though our lives are getting comfier and comfier (cars, e-bikes, e-scooters, escalators…) we should seize every opportunity to work against the modern changes in terms of being lazy vs. active. Ride a bike to work, take the stairs instead of an escalator or elevator, go for an evening walk, try climbing in a nearby climbing hall, go hiking on weekends or go to the gym and start lifting some weights. You don’t need to become a Powerlifter, Bodybuilder or Pro Climber. You just need to move your body. If you move and are active on a regular basis, your body will reward you. You will look better, feel better, healthier, fitter and stronger. You can avoid injuries or cure pain. Your body won’t age as fast and you will feel better even when you age. Seriously think about it, do you want to be sitting in a wheel chair at age 75 or 80 with nothing else to do, but staring at the wall ahead of you, because you were to lazy to stay fit when you were younger?


What advice can we give you?

Don’t see a workout, sport or an activity as something that you have to do, but something that you want to do. Something that benefits you. Don’t think that you need to do it or should do it so that you can devour a chocolate bar later on, but because it makes you feels good and strong. Don’t do it because of the guilt, instead do it because it provides longevity and longterm health. Plus nothing beats the endorphins flow after a good workout! Learn to enjoy the process of becoming stronger and fitter. Set yourself performance goals, not because they look cool, but because you want to improve yourself! You don’t need to impress anybody else, you only need a healthy, happy and resilient body that strengthens your mind and improves your life! And you need to want it! It’s all in your head. You decide. STRONG. HEALTHY. RESILIENT.

Jan Schwaderer