Mobility Training - The Missing Link

Most of us look for mobility training or mobility exercises, because we have gotten really bad at moving or even feel pain during certain movements or exercises. And there is no need to be ashamed of that. We as humans are adapted to take the route of highest comfort and of least effort. It is the way we evolved. Which doesn’t mean we evolved to be a couch potato!! Our ancestors from thousands of years ago moved a fair amount of time during the day out of the simple reason that they had to in order to survive. They were either on the move to gather energy (food), search for water or a shelter where they wouldn’t be found by predators living in their near surroundings. Unlike us, they didn’t have a shelter called a house, flat or apartment, with a stove, fridge to store food in or running water. NOPE they had to move everyday in order to survive.

We don’t have to do this anymore. We have so much comfort in our daily lives that we don’t even have to walk more than 1.000 steps per day. Let alone climb, run or crawl. THIS may be the reason why we don’t move the way we are supposed to, this may be why abut 30% of the world’s population is obese (not considering diet here). In order to prevent or get out of this “misery” we invented sports and even though invented sports/activities aren’t normal for our bodies, we need to move and play sports, lift weights or whatever to keep our bodies healthy. (We actually evolved to be endurance runners)

Lacking mobility in areas like hip, spine, shoulder, ankle etc. while performing activities that require given mobility as prerequisites results in injury almost 100% of the time. So as I said, it is crucial for us that we do and perform our activities and MOVE, but the missing link in almost everybody’s training — at least until we feel pain or get injured — is MOBILITY TRAINING. And I am not talking foam roller or stretching, I mean real mobility training. Strength training at the end ranges of motion. This is what we all need so badly, but still don’t make it a priority of ours.


It is widely misunderstood that mobility is either stretching, foam rolling or even yoga… BUT it is neither of them. Flexibility (Stretching) doesn’t make your joints more resilient nor does it prevent you from injuries. We have to control the ranges and end ranges of motion to prevent or mitigate injuries, to make our joints healthy and strong and to build a bulletproof body. We are using the Functional Range Conditioning method for ourselves and to work with our clients. This method will enhance athletic performance, prepare you for your sports, daily life and will even get you to perform and live pain free.



When we finally turn our heads toward what our body is desperately in need of, we are often overwhelmed by the offerings we find online. Which mobility training is the right one?

As I said we as Homo sapiens usually go the way that requires the lowest effort. So it is either foam rolling or stretching that we try out first. AND then we wonder, why doesn’t it get miraculously better?

Let me tell you, those things will not open up more range of motion and most of the time will not strengthen the ranges we have either. Another common mistake is to jump straight into all those Instagram Mobility Exercises, that look fancy and have fancy names like ‘Infinity Swimmers Hover’ or ‘Front Leg ER Hinge’ and while there is nothing wrong with these ”exercises” per se, they are not what we need to do in the first place. As with everything we need to start with the basics. Once we master them, we can conquer our body, our ranges of motion, joint health and athletic performance. First things first though. Building Mobility takes time.

Think about how long it took for your body to become as immobile, inflexible and aching as it is today? A LONG TIME. Look at kids sitting in a deep squat and you can hardly get down to 90 degrees without the grimace on the face. Simple reason: If you don’t use it you lose it. We must patiently work on our mobility on a regular basis to see results. They will come.

Another common misbelief is that once we have achieved our goal of good mobility we can just stop working on it and it will stay there for the rest of our lives. Hmm… No, it didnt work the first time around and unfortunately it won’t work like this now either.

WHY? Because the majority of people have a seated desk jobs that will rob their mobility in a short period of time. We are not created to sit for 8-10 hours a day and to believe that we can just be lazy, sit around all day, maybe do one hour of moderate exercise and our body will be just fine is a dream that for now can not become reality.


We will need to work on our mobility regularly until the rest of our lifetime, so our body knows that we want and most of all NEED these ranges of motion.

If you are interested in mobility training you can either become an Online Kinstretch member and subscribe to our membership program or book your private Mobility Online Coaching now to really work on your specific needs and goals!

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