Badass Hip Flexors - A Guide to Strength

We have all heard it before. Tight hip flexors - but what is it really that we are all taking about? What even does the word ‘tightness’ mean? Why do we feel so restricted and why can some people squat ass-to-grass and others don’t even if they sit the same amount of time?

First of, tightness is a term that is used commonly to basically describe a WEAK link. In this case weak hip flexors, caused by sitting in a chair working at the desk, dining at our dinner table, driving in the car to work, watching tv while sitting on our couch to relax from the hard working day… and so on. It is a vicious cycle in which we humans have gotten ourselves into. We also go for the most comfortable solution which is sitting around all day. Some of us don’t even feel the need to walk or be active at all, not to mention working out any day during the week. AND we can’t even blame these people, because it’s basically the way we as humans are wired, but that’s another story.

Let’s get on with hip flexors and what we can do to make them stronger. In our YouTube Video we talk about how people like to stretch out their hip flexors to make them ‘feel better’ or ‘loose’ and while there is nothing wrong with stretching, it’s just not gonna help much with making them stronger. Why stronger? Because the stronger our hip flexors are the better we can move, the better we feel and the less restricted we are.

There is crux to this though. By strong hip flexors I do not mean quad strength, squat strength or anything similar to this. We do not need to strengthen our hip flexors in their mid ranges, rather we need to strengthen them in their absolute END RANGES.

HOW? Thats is easy to answer: #mobilityisking

Yep, working on hip flex mobility will strengthen our hip flexors in a shortened and elongated position, prepping them for our insulting daily life. (Most of the sports and activities we do are insulting for the body — joints, muscles etc). There are several ways to address the hip flexors and we give you 4 exercises in our YouTube Video, so definitely check out the video if you haven’t already. And do these exercises for a period of time to see change happen!

The YT video include following exercises :

These 4 exercises should set you up for ultimate hip flex strength!!

Why should you work on your hip flexors anyways?

Strong and unrestricted hip flexors will get us out of a lot of pain, will allow us to get into position we weren’t able to before and ist just natural to have. An easy example would be strict toes to bar. When our hip flexors restrict us in the upper part of this movement we do not need to train any more core or abs, NO we need to work on our hip flexor MOBILITY. To get into this position we need more range, more strength and control. Once we acquired this, strict toes to bar ain’t a problem any more. Same goes for any other compression or hip flex involved movement or exercise. Feeling restricted is something no one wants to feel or be and we are here to get you out of this misery. Back into a normal human body. Back to move freely. #movementfreedom

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Let me know your thoughts on this and your experience with weak hip flexors.


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