Nutrition - A Secret to Ultimate Health

There is no ONE diet that is going to fit everybody - but there are a few guidelines everyone can implement into their lifestyle!

Eat fat and become fat. Some people believe that eating fat will make you fat. Just like others believe that carbs make one fat. Neither is the case. It all comes down to calorie intake vs calorie outcome. It’s that simple.

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Badass Hip Flexors - A Guide to Strength

We have all heard it before. Tight hip flexors - but what is it really that we are all taking about? What even does the word ‘tightness’ mean? Why do we feel so restricted and why can some people squat ass-to-grass and others don’t even if they sit the same amount of time?

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Mobility Training - The Missing Link

Lacking mobility in areas like hip, spine, shoulder, ankle etc. results in injury almost 100% of the time. So it is crucial for us that we do and perform our activities and MOVE, but the missing link in almost everybody’s training — at least until they get injured or feel pain — is MOBILITY TRAINING. And I am not talking foam roller or stretching, I mean real mobility training. Strength training at the end ranges of motion. This is what we all need so badly, but still don’t make it a priority of ours.

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Why Controlled Articular Rotations (CARs) Are So Important

What are they Good for?

  1. Maintenance of ROM

    CARs will make sure you maintain your ROM.

    If you don’t move your joints/articulations more often in your whole ROM your Central Nervous System (CNS) will most likely adapt to that and will restrict some of your active ROM over time.


    By applying this principle the other way around, and train your full ROM, your CNS will also adapt to that.

    Limitations for this principle are:

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