We are created to move.

We help you to change your life and become strong, healthy and mobile.

We believe that it is important to pursue a variety of movements in daily life. Body awareness is a skill most people need to relearn, we do this by using MOBILITY, STRENGTH and BODYWEIGHT training in our programming.

Competitive athlete or office worker, it doesn’t matter to us. We are happy to work with you and guarantee you a fun, knowledgable, diversified and goal specific approach to fitness, health and movement. Our approach is going to get you lasting results as well as a healthy and strong body with fundamental joint function.

You want a coach who offers you a dynamic and effective system, who helps you in crisis and believes in you and cheers you on when you need it the most — contact us NOW.



Sport and exercise have always been the biggest part of my life. Even when I was little, my passion was football and tennis. I have always been someone who could not focus on just one sport, so a professional career as an athlete was out of the question. My passion for sports was quickly translated into my career aspirations, so I started to study personal training ( Fitness & Health Management ) and worked successfully for years.

For over 3 years I worked as a personal trainer in various gyms. I realized early on that personal training in the studio brought very little sustainable results for the clients. With the goal to set up a business of its own, which offers its customers sustainable success, especially in mobility ( joint health ) and power, was and still is my biggest incentive.

I promise you the best possible performance not only in your everyday life but also in the sports you love. What you get from me is a dynamic training plan that prepares you for everything you want to do! Highest priority, whether you are a professional athlete or a hobby athlete, is always to have healthy and resilient joints.

You want a coach who not only superficially works with you, but drives you, helps you and advises you?

Do not hesitate and start the best training you ever had!

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certified personal trainer, mobility specialist, Kinstretch Level 1 Instructor, nutrition coach


Leslie-Ann Joglekar

I am a former competitive Track and Field athlete and for more than a decade I have now been thriving for badass performance on a daily basis. The track, gym and mountains are my go to places. I feel aligned and free when being active. Ever since I started out as a competitive athlete I knew that this would be my passion and happy place. I enjoy putting in a lot of hard work, sweat and effort to reach my goals. And even though I was a competitive 100-400m sprinter I always found joy in other sports and activities as well. Like Tennis, swimming, hiking, biking, bouldering, volleyball…

 I became a Personal Trainer and Nutritionist, because I want others to benefit from my knowledge and passion. I want people to be strong, healthy and fit. I help woman to build self confidence by becoming their strongest, fittest and best self! We can be strong and proud girls!


It is my passion to transform lives and work with amazing humans to unleash their greatest potential. I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to do what I enjoy the most.

Let us unleash your greatest potential. Be proud of yourself and who you are. Stand up for yourself. Be who you want to be.


Certified Personal Trainer, FRC mobility specialist, Kinstretch Level 1 Instructor, Nutrition Coach, Functional Trainer Advanced.